Skandinavia syr

Det har vært så som så med syinga i sommer, og denne bloggen har vært så godt som død. Dessverre. Jeg hadde store planer om å sy meg en sommergarderobe før ferien, men vannskader i kjelleren satte en stopp for det. Sy rommet ble totalt ødelagt og sy gleden også. Men nå har jeg flyttet maskinene opp i andre etasje, og selv om jeg ikke har alle sy sakene her hjemme har syinga virkelig fått fart igjen. Mye takket være ” Skandinavia Syr“. En konkurranse som har gått på instagram, arrangert av de to Ingvildene fra Sy-mesterskapet på NRK i fjor. Jeg var ikke med alle dagene, men ble skikkelig inspirert. Fått sydd en del og har mange planer for ting jeg vil lage. Særlig stolt av denne softhell jakka til sønnen min som ble ferdig akkurat til ruskeværet starta.


Fantastisk bra initiativ av Ingvild og Ingvild. Jeg tror det er andre året de har dette på Instagram og man finner så mange flinke folk som deler av sin sy glede. Skal snart på et lite mini sy-treff også, gleder meg!

Ha en fin kveld!


Weekend sewing

This weekend I attended a sewing course here in the small town where I live. I meat some fantastic and inspiring people. I started sewing a blouse for spring and a casual dress for my daughter. I also cut many meters of bias binding. I hope to meet the people from the course again soon. It’s really fun sewing together with others.



I need some t-shirts and it’s really fast to sew one when you have a pattern that you like. I really like the site Its always autumn! So much inspiration and tutorials. And one of my favourite t-shirt pattern is her easy tee. And of course I wanted to try it with the Peter Pan collar.

I used some black and white jersey I had and bought half a meter black for the collar and sleeves. The fabric was making me dizzy while I was cutting it because of the really narrow stripes, but I think it’s ok on the finished tee.

I made the neck opening smaller and also made the neckband visible over the Color. It’s hemmed with a twin needle.


Slow Sunday

I have some larger projects planned as a part of the 2018rtwfast but it always seem easier to start sewing something smaller. And I needed some more undies. I really love the pattern from Jalie. My favourite model covers my twin mom belly 🙂 The rainbow fabric is leftover from a t-shirt I made for my son and the purple one is made from an old t-shirt.

I have also sewn the girl undies and mens trunks which are part of the underwear bundle from Jalie. Great patterns!


First sewn i 2018

I have finished my first project in 2018. It’s the ‘Frill Top‘ from ‘Love Sewing’ magazine. You can download the pattern, but you need the magazine for the instructions and I don’t have that. So I have made some mistakes… I sewed the frill with the shoulder seem. Which felt logical at the time since I made the frills double because it didn’t look so good with the fabric’s backside showing. Maybe the fabric is not the right choise for this project because it is quite heavy… Still I like it! And I love the ruffles! And I’m thinking of making a lighter version for summer.

Hopefully All the wrong choises are going away and the seem ripper tool is coming out in the #2018RTWfast challenge. It’s time for some planning and improving of my sewing skills.


2018 RTW Fasting

So, I have committed to not buying any clothes for myself throughout 2018. And I am so excited to get started! I\m really hoping to improve my sewing skills, but also to get away from the way we tend to think about consumption. We can still buy underwear, shoes and accessories. And it’s going to be so much fun! Hope you will follow me on this journey, and even join in… If you are interested read more over at Goodbye Valentino.